All You Need to Know about CAD Drafting

Computer-aided Design or CAD drafting allows a mechanical engineer to design a product with the use of computers instead of making a design by hand.CAD software’s are useful for creation, modification, analysis, and optimization of a design. The drafting done with the help of computers has many benefits such as you can make instant changes in design and thereby saving a lot of time in a design cycle.
Types of Drafting Services:

2D Drafting Services:
2D drafting is done using basic geometric shapes such as line, circle, square etc. it requires comparatively less time than 3d modeling. The 3D model of an object can easily be developed from the 2D drafting. The 2D CAD drawings are mostly used for manufacturing purpose.

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3D Drafting Services:

Creation of solid computer models using CAD software is referred as 3D drafting. These 3D models can be developed by first making 2D shapes or can be directly developed for simple models. CAD software allows addition and subtraction of volume in the model under construction. 3D models are most useful for visualization purpose. The 3D model helps us to understand how exactly the end product will look like.The CAD software’s are very costly and require computer machines of higher configuration. It not economical for a company to make these setups just for making a handful of CAD models. This is the reason today most of the industries are looking for CAD drafting services and outsourcing their work. These service provider have years of experience in CAD modeling and are skilled enough to produce a CAD drafting or CAD model with a speed and deliver a quality drawing to their clients within time. It is very important for companies to start the manufacturing as soon as possible so that they can take advantage of the market and this can be possible if they could reduce the design cycle time and have a skilled manpower at hand.

Outsource cad drafting services or companies help industries in a lot of cost cutting in terms of maintaining CAD modeling set up and skilled workforce. Cost-effectiveness and time-saving are the two major benefits of outsourcing CAD drafting.

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