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Rapid Prototype and 3D Scanning Services

Rapid Prototype and 3D scanning

Some techniques, that are used for fabricating a scale model of any assembly or a part with the use of CAD is called as rapid prototyping. The rapid prototyping technology is a widely used and famous technology because of its customized and flexible manufacturing capabilities.

The rapid prototyping services use 3D scanning and 3D printing. They do the scanning and converting of the products or machines into a digital 3D image. This helps a lot in saving your time as well as money

One of the most basic applications of 3D scanning is rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping 3D scanning also allows the creation of the documentation of the existing parts or machines without its modelling in any software. Let us see some practical applications of it in the real industry world.

Applications of Rapid Prototyping 3D Scanning

  • The high precision of 3D printed parts is verified by 3D scanning
  • For building of supercars, the automobile industry uses 3D scanner
  • It is used in mining industries
  • The old casting moulds are re-created by rapid prototyping
  • The fire-trucks’ construction industry uses these technologies.
  • In medical and clinical applications
  • In automobile and manufacturing industries

With such vast applications in almost all engineering areas, many rapid prototyping companies USA have grown on a very large scale. It covers mechanical engineer, industrial, electrical, materials, aerospace, and even biomedical engineering.

We, 3engineer, are one amongst such rapid prototyping companies USA that have been a leader in this industry. Our scanning and engineering works help you to convert almost anything in a digital format. We also help in creating new product designs and change them as required.

Advantages You Get From Us

  • Quality work with great accuracy
  • Project completion before given deadlines
  • Use of tools and technologies in the market
  • Transparency
  • Highly educated and experienced team
  • Reasonable and affordable prices

So, if you are looking for 3D scanning services near me, we are there to serve you. Our team is not only proficient in work but also passionate about it. We have served a diverse range of clients across the globe. Contact us and let us know about your requirement. We know you will love our work.

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