3 Engineer is a leading engineering services company & architectural company in Los Angeles, USA. We offer finest mechanical & civil engineering services in the market at affordable rates.
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Best Architectural and Engineering Services

In the era of booming technologies, globalization and thriving businesses it is of immense importance for every sector to keep up the pace with this fast developing world. Until and unless you are the best and provide the best of services it is impossible to meet the market demands. And our 3engineer services which provide CAD Drafting, Civil 3D Design Services, Land Development Site Design Consulting Services and Mechanical Engineering Design & Reverse Engineering Services focuses on delivering supreme quality services by their best team of experts in the field of architecture.

Our 3engineer Website dispenses CAD Drafting Services and all of your CAD Outsourcing Services with Solidworks and Autocad, Mechanical Engineering Drafting and Design, Architectural Drafting, Reverse Engineering Services, Rapid Prototyping services, 3D Scanning, Civil 3D, Engineering Consulting, Land Desktop (LDD) Technical Drawings and Visualization needs from Conceptual Graphics to 100% Design Plan sets and much more. We also specialize in Paper to CAD conversions, 3D SolidWorks Modeling and Drafting and Design Services, Patent Drawing Drafting Services, Technical Illustrations and services provided by well qualified professional and experienced and skilled team.

Our architects who are expertise take the entire task, research, and development services to another level. With their constant research and hard work to challenge the impossible is how we craft your products. You want the best and we deliver the best to you. Our technology expertise emphasizes on every little detail in each step of your product construction.

We contain a complete set of integrated, oriented capabilities, tools and skills to ensure you to deliver the best and give you a cost-effective service. With no doubt, we will offer you the industry’s deepest functional capabilities.

Our Architectural And Engineering Services Include:

  • Mechanical Design and Engineering Services
  • Civil 3D Design Services - Civil Drafting Services
  • Land Development and Site Design Consultant Services
  • CAD Drafting Outsource Services
  • Mechanical Drafting and Design Services
  • New Product Design and Development
  • Rapid Prototype and 3D scanning Services
  • Metal Fabrication and Sheet Metal Fabricating Design
  • Mechanical Drafting and Design
  • Reverse Engineering Services
  • Solid works modeling, Drafting and Design
  • Property Surveys, Topo Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Special Purpose Surveys for Civil Design Firms and Mortgage Company Requirements.
  • Paper to CAD (CADD) conversions (AutoCad)
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D Drafting and Design and Simple site Design
  • CADD Standards and Procedures Consulting
  • Technical Illustration Drawings services
  • Plumbing Drafting Services
  • Sight Visibility Graphics and Animation
  • 3D Visualization, Rendering and modeling Services
  • Civil Site Design Plans
  • CAD to PDF and Raster to Vector Conversion
  • Underground Utility, Storm and Sanitary sewer Plans Drafting
  • Right of Way Acquisition Graphics
  • Simple Line Diagrams
  • CAD Subcontractor and Contract Services for Outsourcing Services
  • Aerial Presentation Graphics
  • CADD file Archival Services
  • Plotting and Printing services

Our expertise at 3engineer Website provides an array of architecture and engineering services which includes:

  • Our architectural and engineering design division provides clients to transform their conceptual sketches to manufacturing ready drawings and implement and customize to improve operational efficiency.
  • In our area of work, we are equipped with latest software technologies and our technical expertise have a total grasp on the subject so to assist product design and development right from conceptualization to realization.
  • Our team ensures a fully-integrated design that will position your project to success and an extensive work from site selection through initial design and final construction is taken care of.
  • They provide well qualified professional and experienced project managers for automotive and non-automotive services. They also offer expertise in vendor and supplier management, consolidation and expansion projects, enterprise deployment projects and valuation and due diligence projects.
  • In the department of mechanical and materials, the engineering services provided are with all kind of expertise for your industrial, manufacturing, supply and vendor management, quality support and material management needs.
  • For industries working in engineering services and material manufacturing area, there can be a ton of real-life problems that arise, sometimes needing expert solutions, technical support, and effective problem-solving skills. By providing well trained and equipped technical experts these architectural and engineering services can be a boon.
  • They provide injection molding processing experts for improved cycle time, significantly reduced press variation, lower injection, clamp & energy costs, and substantial scrap reduction and automatically calculate financial returns.
  • Staff placement for architectural services and engineering services such as executive leaders, plant management staff, engineers of varied skills, technical support and technical staff are some of the most important services which we carry out.
  • We take great pride in the quality of our work in engineering services and our goal is to help maximize your productivity and savings.
  • Our engineering services also work and assist in many more disciplines, like, we also offer Paper to CADD conversion and Raster to Vector Conversion. We can convert your paper Plans to PDF or Tiff Images and deliver in Hard Copy, PDF or CADD files all on CD, DVD or via the Internet.
  • The areas we are delivering our engineering services spread to all kind architectural works where we do interior designing, modern design techniques as our focus is to transform your room, office, lobby to be instantly noticed because of its array of colors, creativity, techniques, patterns, etc.
  • We deliver such services which for sure will please the eye as the entire task is a work of science and art at the same time and our professional team keeps in consideration our client's requirements and ease and accordingly we try keeping our outsource services up to the mark.
  • We are blessed with drafters and Designers who are experts in this field. We can meet you personally for further assistance. We create the perfect customized solution for your drafting and CAD outsourcing needs. We are available readily with our engineering services at all times.

Our organization comes with varied experiences, areas of expertise, and technical specialties but with three common attributes: Outstanding Leadership, Moral Integrity, and a Track Record of Success, giving you best architectural and engineering services and the commitment is to provide “optimal value” for each project. We provide some of the finest experts of engineers who deal in almost all sectors mentioned above and render services of a different level altogether.

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