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CAD Drafting Services by 3 Engineer - Drafting Company

Auto CAD drafting services are required in various engineering projects. The domains like manufacturing, mechanical, civil, architectural, construction, electrical, etc. all require CAD designs. CAD drafting outsourcing is done by many CAD drafting company in USA. Nowadays all the major companies are using CAD drafting services for faster and more accurate work.

3Engineer is a fast-growing CAD drafting company located in the USA with a workforce of CAD drafters, engineers, and designers. We have a global client base of high-end engineering design firms, manufacturers, and construction companies. Our professional services will help you complete your work just the way you want. Our engineers and drafters offer outsourcing CAD drafting services at affordable costs.

AutoCAD is very important for giving 2D and 3D models for different products. It helps in the visualization of the products and bodies in advance that are to be built. The designs are the most basic requirements for such industries. Please find below, the services we provide under CAD drafting services. Apart from this, we also provide rapid prototyping services.

What Are The CAD Drafting Services That We Provide?

  • Mechanical Design and Drafting services
  • Civil 2D and 3D Design
  • Technical Illustration Drawings services
  • Land Development and Site Design Consulting
  • 3D Visualization
  • Modeling and Rendering Services
  • CADD Standards and Procedures Consulting
  • Surveys for boundaries, properties, etc
  • Simple Line Diagrams
  • Special Purpose Surveys for Mortgage Company Requirements and Civil Design Firms
  • Plumbing Drafting Services
  • New Product Design and Development
  • Sheet Metal Design Drafting
  • Cabinet Drafting
  • Furniture Drawings

As a leading CAD drafting company in the USA, we cover most of the domains like- mechanical, electrical, civil, automobile, and aerospace while providing all the aforementioned services including reverse engineering services. Our team of designers and drafters are experts in these AutoCAD services. They are not only certified but highly skilled and experienced. They have work experience to work with global clients which makes them all the more efficient. Our CAD works are perfect in calculations. We also provide reverse engineering services to our clients. As a CAD drafting services provider, we make efforts to keep our clients satisfied and happy through our work.

Benefits Of Using CAD Drafting Services

Better Quality Designs

The CAD software provides great tools for design professionals to create designs with better accuracy. These tools also help in producing designs with great precision and the scope for errors is much lower as compared to the manual drawing. The higher accuracy leads to better designs and these better designs increase the manufacturing speed.

Easy Saving and Sharing

All the CAD designs and drawings can be easily saved and preserved for future use and reference. One can easily edit and print these saved drawings whenever required. The repetitive components of a drawing can also be standardized for future uses. The CAD drawings require less space and can be stored in the hard drive, USB pen drive, or cloud and can be shared easily.

Modify and Reproduce Faster

Modifying CAD geometry is very easy now with all the advanced computer tools available. Errors can be easily corrected and creating a digital blueprint with CAD is also easy. Unlike manual drafting, where reproducing the drawing meant recreating the drawing from scratch, CAD drafting services allow you to reproduce the drawing in no time and make as many copies as you want.

Ability to Create 3D CAD Models

With CAD, drafters and engineers can transform any idea into a visible sketch in just a few minutes. CAD software has many powerful features for creating 3D CAD models with ease. However, CAD models are logically connected i.e. you cannot create a CAD model which is practically impossible.

Template and Database Creation

Another benefit of using CAD is that one can create any number of CAD templates with basic details that can be used and reused multiple times. These templates save a lot of time during drafting by providing all the basic information. Drafters can also create a database by using CAD files.

Architectural CAD Drafting Services

At 3Engineer, we offer Architectural CAD Drafting Services to our clients in the USA and across the world. We have many years of experience and expertise in providing comprehensive and accurate 3D CAD Services like Revit Drafting, Architectural Construction Drawings, etc. for global architecture and construction companies. We can incorporate precise standards for clients based on company specifics, location, building codes, and presentation requirements.

Our knowledgable architects provide all the architectural inputs to CAD drafters for each project. We provide the following Services:

  • 2D Floor Plan Drawings
  • Sections Drawings
  • Elevation Drawings
  • Site Plan Drawings
  • Roof Plan Drawings
  • Furniture Plans
  • Architectural Drafting Services from a freehand sketch
  • CAD Conversion from a PDF/ paper drawing
  • Drafting from a red-lined PDF
  • Roof Plan Drawings
  • Editing CAD files from mark-ups
  • Correcting CAD standards
  • Conversion between CAD and other platforms/software

Structural CAD Drafting Services

Our experienced Structural CAD drafters work on standards, codes, geographical location, and others. We have a dedicated team for developing Structural CAD Drawings for residential, commercial, and industrial structures and buildings. 3 Engineer, the leading drafting company, provide the following Structural CAD Drafting Services:

  • Foundation Layouts
  • General Arrangement Drawings
  • Steel Plate Fabrication Drawings
  • Structural Part Drawings
  • Roof Framing Plans
  • Erection Layouts
  • Structural Assembly Drawings

Paper to CAD Conversion Services

At 3 Engineer, we deliver hand-crafted drawings, rough sketches of designs, photos, etc, into standardized CAD Drawings. Paper to CAD Conversion Services is amongst the reliable CAD Services that forms the base of the digitalization of the construction industry. This drafting company list of clientele ranges from Architectural firms, Construction companies, Real Estate firms, Structural Engineering firms, and MEP contractors. We have helped these companies by providing effective 3D CAD Drafting Services.

Mechanical CAD Drafting Services

We offer Mechanical CAD Drafting Services that has the ability to fulfill engineering design and drawing requirements of all scales. 3 Engineer, the leading drafting company, have an in-house team of mechanical engineers and drafters who have rich experience of working on Mechanical CAD Drafting projects at reduced costs with high-quality results. With our prompt engineering services we lend support to a design engineer and shorten project time by boosting overall productivity. We offer the following Mechanical CAD Drafting Services:

  • Mechanical Fabrication Drawings
  • Mechanical Part Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Paper to CAD Drafting

Being the leading engineering services company, we provide wide range of services including rapid prototyping services , mechanical engineering services, etc.

How Much Our CAD Designs Cost?

Our CAD drafting services packages vary according to the industry, license charges of CAD software, expertise, and the certifications of the draftsmen. When you hire our CAD drafters, we ensure top-tier deliverables at the best prices. At 3 Engineer, the leading drafting company, our CAD draftsmen along with CAD consultants read your blueprints or 3D models and deliver comprehensive 2D and 3D drafting solutions that suit your business requirements.

Our pricing is based on the following factors:

  • Scope of Work
  • Project Complexity
  • CAD Tools
  • Timeframe of work
  • Resources Needed

Why Choose Us As your CAD Drafting Services Company?

3Engineer is a leading CAD Drafting company in the USA providing prompt and efficient CAD solutions. We have worked with some of the most renowned interior design and architectural firms across multiple countries. Owing to our experience and high-quality services, we can be the best choice for all of your CAD drafting needs. The CAD drafting company professional CAD experts will deliver the best solution at the best prices.

  • We offer the best quality 2D and 3D designs
  • We always adhere to the deadlines
  • We use all the latest tools and technologies
  • We have a well-experienced team of designers and drafters
  • Work is done in reasonable and affordable cost
  • Around the clock skilled teams
  • Trustworthy and Dependable

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