3Engineer is a leading mechanical engineering services outsourcing company in USA. We perform all types of mechanical engineering design, CAD designs.

Mechanical Engineering Services

Today, all the mechanical and manufacturing design organizations are forced to cope with rising costs and profit margin compression. To meet these needs, manufacturing sectors are optimizing their product engineering and R&D services, and focusing on product development timelines to gain an early advantage.

Who We Are

3Engineer is a dynamic and focused company that has been providing advanced mechanical engineering design services and solutions to organizations in various sectors. Our mechanical engineers have experience in the analysis, design, manufacture, and maintenance of all sorts of mechanical systems. We offer customized mechanical engineering services that have proven benefits like facilitating complex product and mechanical design development and reducing the time to market the product.

At 3Engineer, we boast a team of qualified and experienced mechanical engineers who are proficient in providing mechanical engineering services that are tailored to your needs and solve problems effortlessly. From designing to detailing and drafting, we are capable of handling all the phases of your mechanical engineering project. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop solutions provider for our clients throughout the product development lifecycle, ranging from conceptual design to manufacturing.

Mechanical Engineering Services We Offer

At 3Engineer, we offer a wide array of mechanical engineering services that are customized as per the client's requirements. Our vast range of mechanical engineering solutions includes drawing, animation, design, graphics, CAD-related services like outsourcing CAD drafting services, and more to meet the diverse business needs of our clients. Have a look at our major services:

1. 2D Drafting Services

3Engineer offers top-notch 2D drafting services and well-executed drawings matching client expectations. Our mechanical engineers have rich domain knowledge of diverse industries as well as manufacturing and prototyping. Whether it is a hand-drawn image or sketch, we can offer professional 2D drafting services to help fabricators in their complex design projects.Our 2D drafting services help manufacturers gauge the geometric features of a product and create that component efficiently.

2. CAD Conversion Services

We offer high-quality CAD Conversion Services to our clients by helping them convert paper, PDF, and scan-based drawings into accurate and editable CAD drawings. Our experts have hands-on experience and skills to provide CAD Vectorization and CAD Digitization Services. We can convert any type of mechanical design to the formats you need. Our customer-centric CAD Conversion Services meet a wide range of requirements including pre-construction planning as well as design validation services for Mechanical engineering projects.

3. PLM Implementation & Customization

3Engineer has specific expertise and in-deep knowledge of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems that can help organizations shift their focus on innovation and growth resulting in increased revenue and better returns. We help companies in managing the complex product lifecycle that begins with the introduction phase and cascades into conceptualization, design, testing, and manufacturing stages. We cater to various industries including aerospace, automobile, oil & gas, medical. renewable energy, and industrial sectors. We provide the best in class PLM implementation and customization services that you have been looking for.

4. Reverse Engineering (RE) Services

Another mechanical engineering service in the bank of 3Engineer is Reverse Engineering (RE) services. We provide complete RE services to provide part customization, out-of-production replacement parts, casting molds, and much more. Reverse Engineering services help massively in discovering the technological details of a device, object, or system through an analysis of its structure, function, and operation. Our RE services are designed to facilitate accurate product analysis and provide valuable inputs to help create a superior and improvised mechanical design.

5. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) plays a key role in the process of evaluating the strength and practicality of your design. FEA is extensively used to verify, validate the design concept, and optimize the performance of any product during its lifecycle. We offer world-class FEA services and FEA consulting to your product design. Our FEA analysis experts will help you address the technical issues that can hamper your product design.

6. 3D Mechanical Services

Being one of the leading mechanical engineering services provider company, our engineers have extensive experience in the trade, industry, institutions, and housing applications. Whether you are troubled due to system failure, want to upgrade or install a new device from scratch, we can help manage the work decisively.

7. Value Engineering Services

Our value engineering services can help you improve the functionality of your products and designs while minimizing the costs to do so. We follow a systematic, organized, and global approach to identify the necessary design, functions, and components in a product that can be replaced with lower-cost substitutes. Also, our design engineers work to understand the different design variables so that they can clearly define the types of enhancements that must be made to the product.

8. Manufacturing Support and Process Planning Services

Among our diverse sets of mechanical engineering services, manufacturing support service enables us to help our clients in the manufacturing process so that they can reduce time-to-market, effectively utilize manpower, implement material optimization, and achieve high-quality products. The process planning service is very essential to meet the dynamic demands of customers and enhance the quality of services.

Our Mechanical Engineering Process

1. Requirement Analysis

We believe in understanding the client's requirements and providing them with appropriate solutions. Before starting the project we meet our clients to discuss the challenges they are facing in their mechanical designs and manufacturing processes and what kind of services they are looking for.

2. Strategic Planning

After getting hold of the client requirements, we lay down a strategic plan to tackle the challenges they are facing and provide the best solution. A well-designed strategy is key in achieving great results.

3. Implementation

Requirement analysis and strategic planning will be of no value if the project is not implemented as per the schedule and the client's requirements. We ensure to put the plan into action with extreme professionalism to deliver the best mechanical solutions for your organization.

4. Quality Assurance

In this step, our quality assurance team checks the final product for any kind of inconsistencies or errors and correct them if needed. We make sure that there are no flaws in mechanical designs and our final solution is effective enough to solve your problems.

5. Delivery

Once we are completely satisfied with the end product and all the final checks are completed, we deliver the final results or files to the client in the desired format via a secure transmission channel like cloud storage.

Why Choose 3Engineer for Mechanical Engineering Services?

Modern Infrastructure

We believe it is important to have state-of-the-art infrastructure while delivering quality services to the client. Our office is equipped with the best infrastructure, tools, systems, and technologies that enable us to achieve your business goals within the agreed timeframe.

Affordable & Flexible Pricing Options

We offer mechanical engineering services with highly flexible and affordable pricing options which will suit your business requirements and budget perfectly. Even if you have a fixed or limited budget we can customize the services accordingly as our pricing model includes hours of service provided, agents volume, shift coverage, geographic location, and more.

Quick Turnaround Time

We operate through different delivery locations that are spread across the globe in different time zones. This helps us to effectively deliver high-quality services with quick turnaround time.

High-Quality Services

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best quality mechanical engineering services and error-free solutions. We strictly adhere to the quality process. We do multiple tests and checks before delivering the final product to the client. You can always rely on us for high-quality services.

Experienced Mechanical Engineers

Over the years, we have assembled a comprehensive team of highly skilled and experienced mechanical engineers who are trained to cater to any of your needs. Our experienced engineers ensure that all your requirements are met within the timeframe of the project. They have additional expertise in software such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA V4 & V5, etc.

Scalable Services

We provide the utmost flexibility and scalability in our mechanical engineering services. Our team of experienced mechanical engineers can scale up the service requirements as and when your business need. To meet the increasing demand you can easily scale up your business without the need for additional resources to rent or build new infrastructure.

100% Information Security

At 3Engineer, we take data security very seriously. We always ensure that all your data is completely safe with us. We have the industry-standard tools and technologies to protect your business documents from unplanned downtime, malicious activities, or intrusions. We take all the precautionary measures to protect your information from unwanted security breaches.

24x7 Customer Support

Whatever problem you encounter during the course of our project you can contact our support team at any time of the day and night. Our experienced staff from all the departments including the sales, marketing, project management, and call center are available 24x7 to answer all your queries and resolve any issues that you may have.

Additionally we provide other mechanical engineering services like rapid prototyping services and reverse engineering services

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