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Reverse Engineering Services

Reverse engineering is a process in which detailed design information is extracted from an existing product and used for the production of another similar product. The reverse engineering services usually disassemble a product for this process and then analyze its components and working. Thus the concepts involved in the manufacturing of the product can be discovered and studied. It is a constructive learning process about working of mechanical products and systems. It was first applied only to mechanical products, but now it is applicable to software as well. The reverse engineering services are playing a very important role in generation and modification of CAD models, especially for 3D CAD. Also check out our rapid prototyping services and mechanical engineering services

What Are The Three Stages Of Reverse Engineering?

The three stages of the reverse engineering services are implementation recovery, design recovery, and analysis recovery. Let us discuss all three steps in detail.

1. Implementation Recovery: In this step of reverse engineering, the reverse engineer first browses the documentation about the product. In this step, the basic analysis over what is the product about is performed by the engineer. This results in the understanding of the manufacturer’s notion behind creation of the product. This might be just the beginning but it allows you to understand many things about the product.

This process is further bifurcated in the following sub-steps -

  • a) Tentative entity: Identifying tentative entities from the product. Identification and labeling of all the entities is the major aspect of this process.
  • b) Tentative relation: Finding out the relation between the entities that are discovered. The identified relation between different entities leads to the definition of the product’s development process.
  • c) Tentative attribute: The elements or entities that fit in the same functionality have the same attribute. This means the function of the entity becomes its attribute and the entities of the same attribute become a part of the specified output in the product manufacturing process.
  • d) Notes and indexes: Giving tags to the entities is the process of indexing. The entities are noted and tagged according to functionality in this indexing process.
  • 2. Design Recovery: In this step of design recovery, the design engineer basically unravels the mechanism and database of the product. In this process, the reverse engineer works on the following aspects of the product design -

  • a) Identity:In this process, the reverse engineer first identifies the design criteria of every entity individually. The design aspects of each entity give access to the understanding of how the entities fit together. The entities that do not fit in the design protocol are further labelled, unidentified.
  • -
  • b) Foreign Entities: The unidentified entities are labelled as foreign entities. These foreign entities are further defined with the design analysis. The reason behind assembling or inserting the entity at a specific location on the product is identified in this process. It is also known as foreign key recovery.
  • c) Investigation: The foreign keys are discussed and brainstormed for the functionality; this phase is called an investigation. Multiple questions are answered in the investigation phase to get a deeper understanding of the product.
  • 3. Analysis Recovery: In the final stage of reverse engineering services, i.e. analysis recovery phase, the model integrations are verified for mathematical calculations and the ideation of the product.

    What Are The Advantages Of Reverse Engineering Services?

    • Reverse engineering allows analyzing the development cycle of the product which already exists.
    • It helps in redesigning a product that already exists; the development cycle of any product can be analyzed for the design specifications.
    • Product vulnerabilities are discovered by performing reverse engineering in order to modify the product.
    • It helps in creating a reliable CAD model or layout for future references.
    • It helps motivating creative minds to take inspiration from the old techniques. It keeps on adding value to the development process and its evaluation.

    Applications Provided By Reverse Engineering Services

    • Used in mechanical, software, and other engineering domains
    • For assessing the mechanisms of the products
    • To know the inner working of any mechanical device
    • Study purposes and a learning tool
    • It is used for improving the shortcomings of documentation
    • While interfacing of two machines or two systems, reverse engineering can be helpful in analyzing the mechanisms and even measurements, pre-hand
    • Used in modernization of software
    • It helps in knowing what are the competitors’ products like
    • It helps in fixing the bugs and acquisition of sensitive information
    • Better designs can be created and existing products can be improved

    There are so many important applications provided by reverse engineering companies in USA using many advanced techniques. There are many companies in the market working in this domain. We also provide reverse engineering services in Los Angeles, USA areas. We have expertise in this field and have experience of working with customers across the globe. Our talented team of skilled professionals is out strength because they are the ones responsible for our happy customers.

    Is Reverse Engineering Legal?

    The legality of reverse engineering varies based on the geographic region or the country. Such as in the United States of America, under section 103(f) the reverse engineering of the software products without disruption of the source rights is legal. This means the software product or related entities can be investigated under the legal rights, for ethical purposes. But in countries like India, Reverse engineering of the software entities like applications, websites, and devices is not legal as it is protected by the passcode system or patent system. Therefore, in countries like India, you can only reverse engineer if you have legitimate access to the product documentation or passcode.

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